Breakout Sessions #1


FINANCES Beyond the Budget

with Gordon Flinn


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Breakout Description:

Gordon Flinn, elder and treasurer of Neighborhood Church, delivers a compelling case for compounding with practical techniques to chart an intentional course for change.

Navigating Life's CURVE-BALLS

 A Biblical Road-map for Growing our Faith through Adversity

with Jennifer Loop


Breakout Description:

When circumstances come at us from out of left field, it can be overwhelming. We are often unsure of how to handle the situation and what to do next. At times, we're tempted to take control but find that our best efforts fall short. In this discussion, we’ll look at navigating life’s curveballs from a Biblical perspective. We’ll tackle questions like, “What does the Bible have to say about adversity?”, and "How do I manage life's disappointments?"


Come join us as we discuss practical steps for growing our faith through times of adversity. You will be encouraged by learning about God’s roadmap for building perseverance and hope through tough times.      


Why the Church Needs You

For Millennials and GenZ

with Jared Furze


Breakout Description: 

In this session we will look at the positives and negatives of our generation: how to accentuate the positives and overcome the negatives. We'll also explore ways to help your church in engage this next generation meaningfully.

Christianity for Atheists, Agnostics, and Skeptics

.... and the People Who Love Them

with Brad Fulton


Breakout Description:

Are you wondering how to most effectively minister to the many skeptics in our world? Join former atheist and current fool for Christ, Brad Fulton, as he shares his amazing story of how God transformed him from doubt to faith in the twinkling of an eye. Learn strategies that will help you reach those loved ones who want real answers to their challenging questions.


Finding Your Happy Place

The DISC Assessment

with Mariann Eitzman

Breakout Description:

Learn your DISC trait and find your “happy place” in your group or team. 

Whether it be your family, your church team, work team, or some other group of people that you belong to, we all do activities with others. Breakout participants will take the DISC assessment and discover their key personality trait. Mariann will explain how knowing one’s DISC trait can lead to the right placement, the “Happy Place”, within a group. This engaging breakout can also aid managers, volunteers, coaches, business owners, committee chairs, or anyone, in building an effective team. Attendees will learn about themselves and receive a toolkit for implementing the assessment in their own group/team.

Centering: The Fourfold Journey

with Stephen Campbell


Breakout Description:

At various times in our lives, everyone goes through seasons where they feel like they are wandering - unsure of their bearings and the direction God may be taking them; wondering what the next chapter of life may hold.  Whenever we encounter these life moments, it's important to act with intentionality and discernment rather than impulse or reaction.  These are the times we need to Center.  This workshop will introduce participants to this fourfold journey of discovery that will help restore a sense of purpose and direction in their lives.  Time will be spent learning about the journey, but an invitation will also be extended to begin traveling this powerful journey of Centering.


Shape of You

with Dan Gregory

Dan Gregory 2018.jpg

Breakout Description:

Who are you? Where do you belong? Does what you do define who you are? It's time to break free. Let's explore how seeing yourself through eyes of He who shaped you, will transform your yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Reaching and Engaging MILLENNIAL'S

with Jeff Moors


Breakout Description: 

Millennial's and Gen Z are often mislabeled and misunderstood. For the longest time, the church and society looked at these generations as the next, but they are no longer next, they are now, and if you are not attracting, disciplining, and empowering them, you are behind the curve. In this breakout, we will discuss what you can do to start or continue to reach and relate to the largest generations in our country’s history.


Evangelism for Introverts

with Mark Swanson

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Breakout Description: 

Most evangelism classes and books are designed for extroverts by extroverts. God made you the way you are and He wants to use YOU to reach and transform others! Who better to reach introverts than a fellow introvert?
We’ll show you how to evangelize effectively without acting like someone you’re not.

When God’s plan isn’t your plan

with Laurie Short

Laurie Polich Short.jpg

Breakout Description: 

God has a plan for your life... but what happens when it’s not the plan YOU had for your life? This workshop will give you some tools for handling life’s disappointments, and seeing God in a brand new way.


Gen Z

The heart and mindset of 13-18 year old's

with Phil Vaughn

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Breakout Description:

America has been wringing its hands over Millennials for a while now.

But Gen Z is crowding out their screen time. Who is Gen Z? What are their assumptions and values? What is shaping them? More than any other generation before them, Gen Z does not assert a religious identity. In this break out, we’ll get a snapshot of the ways Gen Z sees the world and culture. Understanding Gen Z is critical if we want to serve, lead, influence and equip this next generation. If you are a grandparent, parent, or someone interacting with the newest generation this session will help you better understand GEN Z values and how to relate meaningfully.