President of the Christian and Missionary Alliance

John first responded to the gospel of Jesus as a seven-year-old boy in his father’s Minnesota church. John met his wife, Joanna, while in college, and they have been blessed by God with 33 years of marriage, three adult children, and 2 young grandsons.

Most of John’s 30 years of ministry have been as pastor, including Salem Alliance Church in Salem, Oregon. Through the years, he was an active sportsman and was often found with hiking boots, running shoes, tennis rackets, or fishing poles.

In 2008, a lifetime of health was interrupted by a mysterious illness that robbed John of his muscle strength and the ability to swallow. Joanna became his caregiver during the two year period of recovery. John’s ability to swallow was miraculously healed during this time, after which he was able to resume ministry.

John is the president of the Christian and Missionary Alliance.