Joshua Micah

Joshua Micah will be onstage at Friday's Late Night Option at 9:35pm

Joshua Micah grew up in Manchester, Connecticut with his mom and dad and two brothers. His mother noticed a quality in his voice she believed would resonate with others and encouraged him to start singing, she turned out to be right and others noticed too, Joshua recalls...

"Ever since I was little, my family and friends told me I had an unusual musical ability to play instruments, sing and write songs. Guest preachers and pastors that would visit our church would call me out of the congregation and speak over me that I was to do something incredible with music." By the time he was twelve Joshua was playing drums and guitar at church. He was in a rock band with friends from school too. And, after the band broke up, he prayed for more direction from God for his career.

As doors started opening in the music industry, fear about whether he was good enough crept in. And, once again he turned to God, Joshua writes...

"I was just honest with him. I told him all the fear I was facing  and how I feel I can't be as good as these artist in the industry now. I prayed for that fear to leave me, and it did."

Stepping out in faith, Joshua recently moved to Los Angeles. In 2016 his song "Parachute" came out and in 2017 he released "Who Says."